Thursday, 30 September 2010

alphabet spagetti

For my alphabet spagetti brief i chose to look at the letter m in the typeface Perpetua. Below are some quick experiments i did working around my chosen word "vanish." I tried to give the letter definition and meaning by coming up with themes relating to dissapearing or vanishing. 

The font below was used to inspire me for ideas towards creating my 10 samples. It was created by Oleg Portnoy and is called 'From Ancient to Modern.' I like the way each letter is slowly fading to black and almost disappearing off the page. The background of each letter form reminds me of bleach staining clothes, i like the flow the background gives to each letter and how they work well as a set.

Below are some of my illustrator examples working with negative space. I tried to make part of the letters vanish by replacing them with empty space and filling the areas around them black. This created the illusion that the parts of the letters were there when they were simply represented by the darker areas around them.

This typeface below is called Nucleus and each letter is created from 360 separate spikes that link to the centre. I liked how all the edges slowly dissolve almost like they're vanishing. I thought i could use this to inspire me with ideas for my project.

Below is one of my final samples i created for my 10 outcomes. Each 10 ideas have a very different theme, the one below is meant to represent space and geometry, how shapes and lines when looked at mathematically can represent an area or selection of space.

Monday, 27 September 2010

Ideas for the "How to" brief...

Above are the bags we printed for our final piece using some transfer paper and a heat press. We put together a selection of designs on design boards and picked the most appropraite to solve our initial problem.

Monday, 20 September 2010

Ideas for the "How to" brief...

Above are a couple of development pictures from my design for our group project that i produced on photoshop ready to be printed before Friday. I tried to keep the design fairly simple using just one colour but giving it a very bold message. The project if biased around 'How to not become homesick at university'. We each chose a different theme to work around and mine related to the typical student life of drinking. I tried to create a graphic that could visually inform the audience that if your homesick to keep an open mind and to take your mind off thoughts of home i.e going out for the occasional drink.


A selection of pictures from my summer task working with typography.