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Design Production Research III : Images relating to collide

A selection of images that relate to the word drop in some way, shape or form;

Design Production Research III : Images relating to Drop

A selection of images that relate to the word drop in some way, shape or form;

Design Production Research II (Situations/Subjects)

So far I've found out as many related words and definitions as I can to my two words, below is a list I've derived of possible subjects and situations they could relate to.


Colliding Atoms/Molecules, for example the big bang.

Colliding Personalities.

Car Crashes (crashes in general, train crashes, bike crashes etc)

Rivers collide.

Boarders of Countries collide.

Tectonic Plates, Continetal Plates collide, Oceanic Plates Collide

Clouds collide

Ideas collide in terms of collaboration.

Colours collide

Football teams collide.

-A goth / industrial band, who make music. Discover at

Apparently Collide with an exclamation mark on the end of it holds another sort of meaning, this is according to


Used as a exclamation! when two people have similar ideas, or, share convergent thought patterns.

Gestures - it is often accompanied by a hand gestures. where the persons two hands are clenched and brought together.

Pronunciation - the word collide is said with the emphasis on the -ide. which is typically drawn out. i.e. COL-I...DE! as to sound as though the word collide is spelt with several I's

Origin - within the scientific academic elite of the UK, the word collide developed an alternative meaning to the traditional use within the English language. the word COLLIDE! used at the end/or beginning of a sentence has been incorporated into popular scientific language throughout many universities and associated social circles.
person A: the elements in this rock suggest is is formed from melted mantle contaminated by the crust.
person B: COLLIDE! i was thinking the same thing

person A: i fancy eggs for breakfast
person B: COLLIDE! (its funny you should say that), i just this moment put them on


Tear Drops.

Pear Drop sweets.

At a cliff edge, A sheer Drop.

Rain Drops.

When it comes to the end of September, the temperature drops.

Your blood pressure/heart rate can drop.

Statistics drop.

Chocolate drops

In trampolining: Front drop, back drop, seat drop etc.

On A Friday night when you're a bit too drunk, You've had a drop too much.

A drop in the bucket, a drop in the ocean, when you describe a minimal amount of something.

At the drop of a hat

In Australia drop is used as a slang term to describe the fall of a wicket in cricket, he came in at first drop.

In theatre they use a drop curtain.

When going parachuting or skydiving you drop to the earth. For example to unload troops/equiptment/supplies from a plane, drop.

Prices drop, sales and money.

Drop dead. To be drop dead gorgeous.

In rugby, short for drop kick.

As a nautical term drop astern means to fall to the back of the stern of a boat.

Computing terms: Insert a drop down list, use drop caps.

When you're name dropping in a conversation.

When playing guitar, you can play in DROP D, DROP B, DROP A, etc for a heavier tone.

When using photoshop you can apply a drop shadow.

A few less common uses, mainly slang terms.

The part of a dubstep tune where it gets so incomprehensibly filthy that one cannot fathom - therefore, ones mind explodes.

To take Ecstasy orally. I dropped like 2 pills an hour ago I'm buzzing out of my mind!!!

To shoot or kill somebody.

To knock someone to the ground.

To sell drugs or to a lesser extent, shop merchandise.
"When are you going to drop that hit?"
"I've already dropped 6 ounces of weed today."

The word drop can mean a lowerd car. Low rider.
"I was pimping it in the drop dog. the chevy was droped. Ima flip them hoes digits when im in my candy drop"

To release an album to the public.
the new jay-z dropped last week.

A form of "crack" cocaine that is of an exceptionally higher potency than normal "crack." Being as such, it is also unusually hard, having a concrete-like texture and strength.

The type of boy/girl who has all the wrong qualities of a signficant other; the opposite of a catch
Girl 1: He's short, ugly, has a baby and a girlfriend and keeps trying to hit on me.
Girl 2: omg, he's such a drop!

A place where mob money is stored, a collection point;

To sleep; pass out, go to bed, sleep.

To take a Urine drug test,
David had to drop for work, if he came up posative, he would be fired.

In competitive forensics, to drop means to lose a round, esp. in elimination rounds.

When someone breaks up with someone or kicks em to the curb, Oh I dropped him last week!

When a girl/women squats on dance floor while dancing.
"Drop it like it's hot, Drop Drop like its hot"

To have anything unexpectedly given to someone.
My boss dropped 20 reports on my desk right when I was getting ready to clock out for the weekend.

Slang for a nice convertible, damn he has a hella nice M3 drop

The availability of a product or service to the general public. The term is most often used in relation to the release of a music album, a DVD video release, or hardware or software, but can be used for other products (i.e., concert tickets.)
Windows 7 is slated to drop on October 22nd

To give birth. Francesca was ready to drop her third child.

An order preparatory to doing a repetition of push-ups, usually punitive.
Corporal, drop and give me 50.

Drop is just another name for hydroponically grown, high strained cannabis.
Hey man, you got any of that drop.

An article of clothing that is a dress and a top, usually jersey material.
When I went into H&M there were a lot of drop's,

Noun; in MMORPGs such as world of warcraft, an item that can be looted off a killed monster.
"Are there any good rogue drops in RFK?"
"F'in n00b took all the good drops!"

To create a rythym. Or spit the line of a song. He can drop a wicked rhyme.

To drop. To defecate. 
Used in a phrase to tell someone to go die in a jokingly, but harsh way.
Guy 1: your such a weiner
Guy 2: DROP!

A skull cap or bandana worn in any style. Common to H-Town.
My navy drop's lookin' hot with me new LA hat.
When a girl has a big, shapley butt/ass.
He said I got that drop. All the guys say Beyonce got that drop.

Design Production Research I (Meanings)


I interesting found out that Collide is from the latin word collidere to clash together, meaning to come-together through a strike or a wound.
1. collide - be incompatible; be or come into conflict; "These colors clash"
jar, clash

conflict - be in conflict; "The two proposals conflict!"

2. collide - cause to collide; "The physicists collided the particles"
crash - cause to crash; "The terrorists crashed the plane into the palace"; "Mother crashed the motorbike into the lamppost"

3. collide - crash together with violent impact; "The cars collided"; "Two meteors clashed"
clash,collide with, impinge on, hit, run into, strike - hit against; come into sudden contact with; "The car hit a tree"; "He struck the table with his elbow"

smash - collide or strike violently and suddenly; "The motorcycle smashed into the guard rail"

shock  - collide violently

crash, ram - undergo damage or destruction on impact; "the plane crashed into the ocean"; "The car crashed into the lamp post"

  • 1. The act or process of colliding; a crash or conflict. 
  • 2. Physics A brief dynamic event consisting of the close approach of two or more particles, such as atoms, resulting in an abrupt change of momentum or exchange of energy.
I put the word collide into a visual thesarus to actually visualize the information I'm taking in, Its so hard to string together loads of words in when looking at a black and white page. I suppose the diagram in itself with all the words almost exploding out of the word in the middle of the spider diagram could represent the word collide haha.


To drop is to fall down, to cause something to fall down to the ground or to become lower or less. (verb)
  • An example of drop is when a spoon falls to the ground.
  • An example of drop is when you let a spoon slip out of your hands and it falls to the ground.
  • An example of drop is when you get a demotion and experience a decline in pay.

A drop is a small amount of something, especially a liquid. (noun)
  • An example of drop is when you have a little bead of liquid on a glass.
  • An example of drop is a rain drop.
  • An example of drop is when you have only a tiny amount of shampoo left.
  • An example of drop is a little bit of alcohol.

    1. The smallest quantity of liquid heavy enough to fall in a spherical mass. See Table at measurement.

    2. A small quantity of a substance.

    3. drops Liquid medicine administered in drops.

    4. A trace or hint: not a drop of pity.

    5. a. Something shaped or hanging like a drop.
    b. A small globular piece of hard candy.

    6. The act of falling; descent.

    7. A swift decline or decrease, as in quality, quantity, or intensity.

    8. a. The vertical distance from a higher to a lower level.
    b. The distance through which something falls or drops.

    9. A sheer incline, such as the face of a cliff.

    10. a. A descent by parachute.
    b. Personnel and equipment landed by means of parachute.

    11. Something, such as a trapdoor on a gallows, that is arranged to fall or be lowered.

    12. A drop curtain.

    13. A slot through which something is deposited in a receptacle.

    14. A central place or establishment where something, such as mail, is brought and subsequently distributed.

    15. a. A predetermined location for the deposit and subsequent removal of secret communications or illicit goods, such as drugs.
    b. The act of depositing such communications or materials.

    16. Electronics A connection made available for an input or output unit on a transmission line.

    dropped, drop·ping, drops

    1. To fall in drops.

    2. To fall from a higher to a lower place or position.

    3. To become less, as in number, intensity, or volume.

    4. To descend from one level to another.

    5. To fall or sink into a state of exhaustion or death.

    6. To pass or slip into a specified state or condition: dropped into a doze; drop out of sight.

    7. Sports To fall or roll into a basket or hole. Used of a ball.

    1. To let fall by releasing hold of.
    2. To let fall in drops.
    3. To cause to become less; reduce: drop the rate of production.
    4. To cause to fall, as by hitting or shooting.
    5. Sports To hurl or strike (a ball) into a basket or hole.
    6. To give birth to. Used of animals.
    7. To say or offer casually: drop a hint; drop a name.
    8. To write at one's leisure: drop me a note.
    9. To cease consideration or treatment of: dropped the matter altogether.
    10. To terminate an association or a relationship with. See Synonyms at dismiss
    11. To leave unfinished: drop everything and help.
    12. To leave out (a letter, for example) in speaking or writing.
    13. To leave or set down at a particular place; unload.
    14. Informal To spend, especially lavishly or rashly: "dropping $50,000 in an Atlantic City casino" (George F. Will).
    15. To parachute.
    16. To lower the level of (the voice).
    17. To lose (a game or contest, for example).
    18. Slang To take, as a drug, by mouth: drop acid.

    Phrasal Verbs:

    Drop back
    Football To back away from the line of scrimmage.

    Drop behind
    To fall behind: dropped behind the rest of the class during her illness.

    Drop by
    To stop in for a short visit.

    Drop off
    1. To fall asleep.
    2. To decrease: Sales dropped off in the fourth quarter.

    Drop out
    1. To withdraw from participation, as in a game, club, or school.
    2. To withdraw from established society, especially because of disillusion with
    conventional values.


    At the drop of a hat
    1. Immediately; without delay: would sign the contract at the drop of a hat.
    2. With only the slightest provocation: ready to argue at the drop of a hat.

    Drop a dime Slang
    To make a telephone call, especially to the police to inform on or betray someone.

    Drop in the bucket
    A small, inadequate quantity.

    Get/have the drop on
    To achieve a distinct advantage over.

Design Production Research

Today we were given the new module briefing looking at making 4d kinetic motion graphics on adobe after effects. We were given to words from the randomizer and an initial starting point, I ended up with the words Collide and Drop.



1. to crash together with a violent impact
2. to conflict in attitude, opinion, or desire; clash; disagree

1. a small quantity of liquid that forms or falls in a spherical or pear-shaped mass; globule
2. a very small quantity of liquid
3. a very small quantity of anything
4. something resembling a drop in shape or size, such as a decorative pendant or small sweet
5. the act or an instance of falling; descent

20 words relating to my chosen words;

  1. Crash
  2. Bump
  3. Beat
  4. Smash
  5. Clash
  6. Burst
  7. Shove
  8. Barge
  9. Hammer
  10. Smash
  11. Knock
  12. Pound
  13. Pummel
  14. Strike
  15. Thump
  16. Wack
  17. Break
  18. Bruise
  19. Whip
  20. Thrash
  1. Bead
  2. Peal
  3. Speck
  4. Splash
  5. Fall
  6. Driplet
  7. Ooze
  8. Trickle
  9. Pour
  10. Drain
  11. Duck
  12. Dive
  13. Knock
  14. Sink
  15. Shoot
  16. Collapse
  17. Jolt
  18. Shake
  19. Release
  20. Depress

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Adobe After Effects Tutorial

After effects workshop

Adobe After Effects is a digital motion graphics and compositing software published by Adobe Systems, used in the post-production process of filmmaking and television production. Its main uses are the origination of 2D and 2.5D animation, visual effects compositing and finishing (image adjustment, color correction etc.). After Effects can also be used as a basic non-linear editor and a media transcoder.

After effects is split into 4 main sections the bottom two working with time, the middle main window for a preview of your project and an audio window on the right hand side for editing audio.

When opening a new document in after effect rather than going to file new document and opening another blank window you select new composition from the composition window. From here you can set up your document alike to illustrator or photoshop, changing different options to suit the document you're working with. The presets determine what form of output your file will be for, whether its Pal, NTSC, DVC or HDTV.

Once you have your blank window set up and ready to go it should look like the image below, a bit more lively than at first with your blank project ready to get started on.

To get started we needed to create a new shape, just working with a square at first to get used to how the program works. For future reference anything in After effects anything highlighted in yellow can be edited, for example the type to the right. 

To create the new shape, I went to layer, new layer then selected solid. This brings up an optional drop down window so that you can create your shape.

The main zoom control when editing your timeline at the bottom of the window looks like the icon to the right. 

To isolate layers and open them in separate tabs to each other in the comp window in the left hand side of the screen if you double click each specific layer they are separated out into a new tab for easier viewing. 

The preview window is a series of transport controls for playing your media, other than simply pressing the spacebar and playing a project through, it instead creates a temporary file of the project you're working with so when working with a complex file the computer manages the playback smoothly when working with a big file. 

At the bottom of the composition window their is a drop down menu allowing us to change the viewing quality of the preview we are seeing above. If You're dealing with high definition films the computer can struggle and not be able to play your media back at a steady rate. If you drop these settings down using this window to quarter, the viewing will appear pixelated or distorted but when rendered it will still remain full quality.

Working in the layers window, if you select transform by clicking the small grey triangle next to your layer and then selecting the drop down transform menu it brings up a list of different modifications you can make to your layer. 

When using this drop down menu you can add motion to a  certain object. By using the position drop down and moving the layer you are working with you can create a path for the object to follow. This is achieved by selecting the position drop down so that a small yellow diamond appears, then dragging your object to a different area further along your composition.

Key Frames-  key frame in animation and filmmaking is a drawing that defines the starting and ending points of any smooth transition. They are called "frames" because their position in time is measured in frames on a strip of film. A sequence of keyframes defines which movement the viewer will see, whereas the position of the keyframes on the film, video or animation defines the timing of the movement. Because only two or three keyframes over the span of a second do not create the illusion of movement, the remaining frames are filled with inbetweens.

Positioning of key frames allows you to control the speed and distance an object travels on screen.

When using the transform controls there are a series of simple shortcuts so that all of the options aren't displayed and just the allocated toggle you want up will appear.

(Without the command Key)

A-Anchor Point
S- Scale

If you press the U key that exposes all the animated properties of a project. This is useful to find where all your key frames are and adjust them as you need to.

When exporting a file after effects will export the whole duration of your project rather than just the area of time that you have been working with. For example if your file is only 13 seconds but it extends to 30 after effects with export the whole 30 seconds. Selecting the composition menu and then Add to Render Queue, the timeline disappears and the Render queue appears.

Selecting the Lossless option in the Output module Field will bring up a selection window giving you the options of how you would like to export your file. 

Once you've selected the options for exporting your project, when clicking render Adobe After effects with start to mange and produce your file, when working with files of a big capacity this can take a while due to the nature of the computer managing with large amounts of data.