Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Top Ten: Audio

I've collected some Audio clips to work with, mainly underwater sounds etc, managed to find a decent application to record audio straight from your interface rather than a microphone, then just normalized and exported each clip using audacity.

Top Ten: typefaces

So far I've made minimal decisions on the preference of the typeface I'm going to use across my 4 idents 60 second clip and DVD sleeve. Originally my project would have used a typeface from the period of world war two but now I've changed my title I can move further away from these restricts. I want to use a sans serif typeface that will fit with the imagery I intend to use and the national geographic logo. Below are  few of my experimentation's. 

Top Ten: Sound effects

Just found this really decent website below for sound effects, not too sure whether I'm going to use just sound clips or have a theme of soundtrack yet, but so far this has been a big influence in the way I've started to think about the composition of my first Ident. It's rather annoying that all the soundclips have to be downloaded with some sort of credit but I'm sure there's alternatives.


Monday, 30 January 2012

Top Ten...Change to my title

The Worlds top ten underwater wrecks

Since moving forward from the recent crits I have decided to broaded my subject matter slightly to focus on material that will all be visually interesting rather than Repetitive. Top Ten War ships of World War Two would be judged on the price of each wreck therefore being mainly just ships. I wanted to use a much more interesting range of imagery therefore changing my title to The Worlds top ten wrecks, this will include wrecks from all periods of time but look at planes, tanks, boats etc and will be aimed at divers and people interested in documentary's.

Channel:National Geogrpahic

I've chosen national Geographic purely for its audience, I want to make my project A little more fun and moving away from specially focusing on World War Two plus opening the audience will help me achieve this.

Top Ten Wrecks of World War Two

Since getting a general Idea of what I want to base my top ten on and making progress to start designing, I've been playing around with a couple of images on Photoshop plus using the typeface Erbar as I'd researched. Thought this could be a start in getting ideas for what I want my frames to consist of. 

IMAGE // Type as Image : Final Outcomes

Below are my final outcomes for the 2nd weekly Image brief, I'm happy with their outcomes so far but when It comes to printing I want to make a few changes, discussed when I got some feedback from peers. These changes are discussed on my PPD blog and relate mainly to stock and layout.

IMAGE // Type as Image : To the Moon and back

I wanted to create my final outcome in a different media to that of my last two, this time round I wanted to produce a piece of work that was very clean cut and vector. Using suggestive imagery Incorporated around my type, Below are a few of the ideas I started working through. I found it hard to force the sentence I was working with to be read in the way I wanted it to be read, the word moon would be out of line and misplaced within my arrangement but this makes you're eyes read the moon first so it was just never-ending frustration. 

Below are a few experimentation with halftones and fades within Photoshop, My Image was basically made up of 2 main layers which I wanted to contrast with my use of colour so below sort of visually gives examples of the thought processes I went through. I found the more and more I looked at my image the more and more I started to read it how I wanted it to be read rather than how my viewer would read it. This would definitely be something of consideration before I take it to print.


My final outcome just uses a fade from a dark red to dark green, I wanted to use a selection of murky colours to communicate the dept of space and the solar system, an empty backdrop to represent space.

IMAGE // Type as Image : Your relationship will soon be over

 For this A1 print I wanted to portray the words I'd chosen from an Ex boyfriends point of view creating something similar to a ransom letter. I started by printing out a selection of letters from different typefaces and digitally drawing letters to print out and work with by hand. Below are a few scans of the words I produced by hand ready to re-work in photoshop.

 I used ink and biro to scratch into certain letters and clear tape to roughly tape each letter down, with the hope that some of the shadows from the tape would be picked up when scanning. I used the threshold tool in photoshop to separate the blacks and the whites from the image. When arranged on an A1 format I wanted the words to have as much impact as possible, so constructing a layout that I was happy with which also stood out as much as possible took a considerable amount of time. A few of my experiments are below.

When considering stock, I want to print my final outcome on light grey sugar paper or a light off-white shade around 80gsm. It's a shame we can't print our own stock in the Mac suites anymore, that was perfect for experimentation! However the final arrangement of my work is below.

IMAGE // Type as Image : Invading, Infecting Organisms

For this quote i wanted to just solely use some heavily manipulated type to communicate the words chosen. I wanted to go with my initial idea of having the word invading, merging into the word infecting and the word infecting merging into the word organisms. The word invading could relate to lots of different subjects that could communicate the word in itself, I wanted to chop into the letters to make them appear that they were almost like a rock formation invading into the letters below like the weathering of a cliff-face. For the word infecting I wanted to use the same general idea but to communicate infecting the letters would be much rippled as if they were oozing into the word organisms. Below is some of my development towards my final outcome. I started off working with my type illustrator but brought it across to photoshop so I could use some of the jagged edges brushes with my graphic tablet to complete the look I was going for. 

Once completing the main aspects of my outcome and getting the type to sit on the page how I wanted it to I started to play around with a few variations of colour. I wanted to use a fade to further communicate the merging of the words I had chosen to use.

I used subtle pastel tones of brown and magnolia to create the fade in the backdrop, I found that most of the colours I used over the top of the fade worked considerably well even though realistically I was just using trial and error. Rather than using a solid shade I decided for my final outcome I would use some texture to give the words a bit more depth, my final result is below.