Monday, 25 April 2011

What Is a Line? Worksheets

This is a worksheet i put together of the grasshopper Hotel and Coffee shop, I used the threshold tool and image settings In Photoshop to separate out my photograph into just black and white then worked with white paint on black paper. I like how defined the building appears on the black backdrop and how your eyes presume there's a foreground because of the white lamp posts sneaking into your line of vision.

What is a Line? Amsterdam Architecture sketchbook

To Develop my idea further i started to record my ideas in another sketchbook experimenting with media and solely focusing on the architecture of Amsterdam.



I really like this double page because of the perspective of the building and the way it draws your eyes into what you're looking at. In regards to my quote "A mark indicating position, connection, or boundaries" I think the technique I used drawing highlights how solid the buildings shape is and its position on the side of the road.

Using a combination of collage and fine liner pen proved to be a very successful technique, I like the stenciled effect of the black and white print and how the fine liner pen pushes the sharpness of the white paper back.


With this page I thought I'd experiment a little bit, I cut down three pages to make a stacked sky scape sketch. I like the naivety of my drawing and how the buildings look childlike, however kept in such a simple media makes the illustration much more effective.

I really dislike the pages above, I rushed with what i was drawing and started using felt tips. Maybe i could cut these pages out and collage them into something else.

White paint pen on black quink ink didn't work how i expected, the white bleached the ink rather than sitting on top creating a faded effect. Nice media to use but hard to draw accurately.


Another page I'm not to fond of is the one above.

Above are three experimental sketches from left to right ( continuous line drawing, Blindfolded and left handed. My favourite technique is continuous line drawing because of how inaccurate the image becomes but at the same time very recognizable. "A mark indicating position, connection, or boundaries"The continuous line defines this quote because it forces boundaries and exaggerates the position of a line.

Cutting sections out of each page worked well to add relief to the building i was trying to make. This could be pushed further on a bigger scale.

What is a Line? A few Bits and Bobs I collected In Amsterdam

A few bits and Bobs i picked up around the city that i thought would be interesting to keep or could influence my work somehow.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

What is a line? Buildings in Amsterdam

Conveniently as i was producing lots of experiments in my sketchbooks it just so happened i was going away on a break to Amsterdam with some friends. I thought this would be perfect to narrow down the theme of my work as i could use the trip as a research visit. There was one particular drawing that i really liked from my initial ideas, that being a single line drawing of a building. As i has been to Amsterdam and Holland before i knew how amazing the Dutch architecture was and as this was a subject that interested me i began to photograph different buildings to draw from when I was on holiday. Rather than big modern structures I focused on the 17th- 18th century architecture which is associated to Amsterdam.

Fisheye Photographs