Thursday, 24 March 2011

Communication is A Virus... Design Direction Boards

Communication is a Virus....Postcard Designs

To add to our flour stencils we wanted to go down the route of handing out flyers/postcards so people could remember the message that they have just read. We went along with using our original ideas for "Read" as our branding, and then max produced the designs below.

Communication is A Virus....Ideas for internal decoration

After placing our stencils outdoors i created a couple of mock-ups as you can see below to place some of our designs internally around college and other locations. We thought that one place that people would take attention of what they're reading is within a toilet because usually toilets are bland and theres nothing that's very visually engaging.

Communication is a Virus... Stencilling in the city

Yesterday we went out into the city to stencil our messages in different locations for the public to read. We went to areas that we thought would be busy that way there would be more people to view our work. 

We found that sieved flour was dense enough to fall through the gaps in our stencils but at the same time stuck nicely to the floor.
After experimenting with I was very surprised with the reactions we got, lots of people stopped to read the messages we put on the floor mainly some even taking photographs. It was a really good feeling to see people engaging with the work we put out there and actually making the effort to take in what they were reading.

Communication is a Virus... Stencils

After researching different ways of putting our type into different environments we decided to focus our direction on producing a stencil that was completely organic so that we didn't venture out into doing something illegal. A few of our quotes related to eating or digesting so in terms of materials we thought would work through our stencils would be either flour, sugar/coffee but this would be something to experiment with.

Monday, 21 March 2011

Communication is a Virus... Developing Posters

Today i created the 5 posters we are going to use to create our vinyls and stencils ready to put our type out into different environments. We kept with the theme of using the typeface Justus and using only black and white to relate to the same characteristics as a book. The posters below are to be cut out and used as stencils to pour powder paint through.