Monday, 18 October 2010

Alphabet Soup Final Piece 15/10/10

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  1. What personality traits do you interpret from the typeface designed to represent you?

    He has kept it simple and effective, manipulating the speech bubble with the typeface, which i would interpret as a link to my Japanese cultural interest but as well it also describes me as a person who has a lot to say, and often, loudly.

    Describe what you think of the typeface?

    I do like the typeface; I think it sits nicely in a sentence and for the nametag. I can see he has run into some complications with some of the letters such as the J, S, Y and the Z where they differ from the others. I also like the original chosen font, Helvetica. It fits well and gives a straight to the point impression, which i think he considered when making this font.

    In what ways is it effective, and in what way is it ineffective of representing me?

    I think it is effective because he has definitely thought this through, trying to represent more than one characteristic as opposed to focusing on one individual thing. It also works well because you do not have to have seen the development beforehand to have an understanding of what it is trying to communicate.