Monday, 26 September 2011

What Is Good Concept Development...

After researching lots of broad subject matter across the stretch of summer I needed to refine my ideas and concentrate them towards developing a much more specific concept and rationale.

What are you trying to communicate?

I am trying to communicate that Spray Cans are good, I.e why they are interesting to use as a choice of media and how they compare to other forms of media already out there. I wanted to communicate the complexity of a spray can and how they work, comparing paint from year to year and the new devices that have been brought out to enhance their usability. For example the range of spray can caps available to control how the paint travels from the can to the surface its being applied to.

Who are you trying to communicate to?

I am trying to communicate to young,  aspiring artists who find it difficult using spray cans. Graffiti in itself is the biggest art movement known to man, and understanding the can before you go out and get yourself arrested would be a very big help. The crowd of people who follow Graffiti is however very diverse, ranging from all ages but as my target market I am going to focus on people ranging from 17-25. I think this would be the age that if you had an interest in perfecting your work and understanding the techniques behind using spray paint you would be tempted to read more into it.

How will you use print design and production methods to achieve this?

I want to create a spray paint guide, that could be something for artists to slip in their pocket or carry around with them, giving them tips on using different brands of paint, working with different caps and techniques when using the paint.

What is already out there and how can you adapt, modify, reuse or respond to it?

There's already guides online on how to use spray can caps and books In Halfords advising people on how to effectively cover there cars when faced with a chip or scratch in their paintwork. However I want to look into both of these, picking up information from a range of sources to re-work as my own, I think guides to painting cars would definitely be a good source of research as I imagine the information given would be very broad.


Find at least 5 diverse examples of the effective/creative use of print in the following areas of design:

  • Branding and Identity
  • Packaging and Promotion
  • Publishing & Editorial
  • Information & Wayfinding
You should aim to identify design work from a range of commercial/cultural references, target audiences and creative contexts.

You will need to identify primary and secondary sources and not rely solely on web-based examples as this will encourage you to be more adventurous in your research and diverse in your findings. You will also gain a more informed understanding of the 'real world' context of the work.

Your findings should be recorded and critically evaluated on your Design Context blog.
Research Sources / Further Information
Mandatory Requirements / Deliverables

A series of posts to your Design Context blog. demonstrating an in depth investigation into Design for print in relation to the 4 areas outlined above.

Significant critical evaluation of the examples identified through your research including informed reasons for their selection.

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