Sunday, 24 April 2011

What is a Line? Personal sketchbook development.

To start my what is a line brief i began to record my ideas through a my own personal sketchbooks jotting down ideas whenever and wherever they came into my head. I thought this would be a good starting point as it gave me no limitations. I began to sketch everyday scenes or just simply doodle and draw whatever i could see around me or was thinking about.  Below are a few photographs of pages out of my sketchbook showing the range of different drawings i started to produce.

Front Cover- Mixed media- Black Fine liner, White paint pen, craft knife- 2 Hours

 Experimenting with Line- Fine liner- 2 minutes

 Outline of shoe- Fine Liner- 2 minutes

 This singular outline drawing is very bland but works well because of how minimal the drawing is. There's no questioning what you're looking at or guessing what is in front of you, just plain and simple.

 Experimenting with Line- Pencil and Fine liner- 2 minutes

 Old cut up photographs + black writing pen- 10 minutes.

I like how the old photographs have a very shiny quality in comparison to the Matt paper behind each cut out section. I layered each section of photograph on top of one another to create a random set of shapes however i think the technique works really well to create form and depth.

 Collage, pencil and Fine Liner- 5 minutes

 Fine Liner, 10 minute sketch of my laptop.

I like how linear the fine liner pen is to use and the detail you can create by using the nib very softly to create thinner lines. I have a very sketchy approach to drawing so this may be something to refine.

Hand Drawn Type- Fine liner- 15 minutes

I really like this hand drawn type as i think that being hand drawn it has much more character in comparison to being digital. You value the words more and take in what you are reading. I chose the lines from one of my favourite songs "Protest the Hero - Hair Trigger"

Sketch of Flanagan- Gum Tape, Sketching Pencils- 10 minutes

The pencil on top of the gum tape draws your eyes away from the sharp white background. Drawing on top of other paper made my sketch much less flat than usual.

Faces and Geometric Shapes- Blue technical drawing pencil + Black fine liner 20 minutes

Sketch of Permanant board Marker- 7B Pencil- 15 minutes

This technical drawing is one of my favourite sketches from my notebook, working across two pages is an unusual way to work and plays with the shape of the pen. The 7B pencil was Ideal to ouline and shade my sketch as the lead was extremely soft. 

Tree and Mushrooms- Cut up photographs+ HB pencil-15 minutes

The letter R- Cut up photographs + 2B pencil- 10 minutes

Collage and Pencil- 10 minutes

 Experimenting with Line- Pencil and Biro- 5 minutes 

 Experimenting with Line- Fine liner- 2 minutes

Coke Can- Sketching Pencils- 10 minutes

Coke Can- Sketching Pencils- 10 minutes

Close up this sketch works well as it takes a while to recognize what you're looking at. In regards to media i really like sketching in just traditional pencil because of the tones you can create by altering the pressure you put on the pencil when drawing.  Quick sketches help me to understand shape, however if i was to sketch this again I would focus of how the light reflects on the can.

Mountains- Collage and Blue Biro 10 minutes 

Collage and Pencil- 10 minutes

Old Mans Face - 2B Pencil- 5 minutes 

The Letter G- Blue Biro + Grey Felt tip

Hello repeated - Pencil + Blue fine liner- 2 Minutes

Man sat on coach - Pencil crayon + Pencil - 10 minutes

This was a quick sketch I did whilst sat on the bus looking at a man staring out of the window. Even though accuracy is an issue here in regards to the proportion of his body and face the Sketch works well. 

Staring at the clock - Fine Liner - 10 minutes 

Experimenting with line - Fine Liner + Italic Pen -2 minutes

Buildings from magazine - Gum tape + Blue Biro 10 minutes

Mind F*** ( Words written in the dirt on the back of a passing bus) Fine liner 10 minutes

Mixed Media- Red felt pen, Purple sharpie, gum tape and fine liner - 10 minutes

 Octopus legs - Collage + Biro - 10 minutes

Desk- Biro- 5 minutes

Biro- 5 minutes

Experimenting with line - Blue Biro - 5 minutes

Experimenting with line - 2B pencil - 15 minutes 

Oulined Face - H pencil - 2 minutes 

Don't really like this sketch hence it being incomplete. Definitely learnt that using a Harder lead pencil doesn't work for my style of drawing. Its hard to get an idea from your head down onto the paper because of the line being so light in colour.  

Hand drawn Type - HB pencil- 5 minutes

Hand drawn Type - HB pencil- 2 minutes

Hand drawn Type - red Biro - 15 minutes

I think these two pages work well together, the red and grey shades of the pencil compliment each other.

Mixed Media- Red Biro + Pencil - 10 minutes

Mixed Media- Red Biro + Pencil - 5 minutes 

Hand drawn type and stenciled face - Red Biro - 20 minutes

Quick Random drawings whilst on the phone - Red Biro - 5 minutes

Quick Random drawings whilst on the phone - Red Biro - 5 minutes 

Man smoking cigarette  - Fine Liner - 15 minutes   

Hands and fish made from hands  - Fine Liner - 20 minutes   

Triangles with Eyes and Ink pot  - Fine Liner - 10 minutes  

Metal Looking alphabet  - Fine Liner - 12 minutes 

Swan and Anchor - Fine Liner - 15 minutes 

Fine Liner - 10 minutes

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