Thursday, 5 May 2011

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For the Past two Thursdays we have been taught by John and put into groups to come up with a limitless idea/plan working with the theme of uniting the people of leeds. We were giving the brief to create an event which didn't have limits such as money, space or time and would be alike to the loving festival Woodstock held back in the 1960's/70's. The event could be anything we wanted, and we were encourage to produce a detailed concept rather than thinking about our final outcome.

When split into groups we began to brainstorm our idea and note down themes to consider. 

Our idea consisted of creating a peoples holiday for the whole of Yorkshire, a day where people could all take the time to go into the city and see the event we were planning on creating. We started by thinking small scale i.e stages, music, markets but after talking over the basis of our idea john explained that the whole purpose of the exercise was to think with no limits.

We started to brainstorm further and these are the ideas we came up with;

-A free event, open for everybody to attend
-Held inside the ringroad boundary of the city
-Un-announced artists playing in different venues all over the city, from small unheard bands to big international figures. (NCP carparks, hyde park pub, mullenium square.)
-An indoor beach located in one of leed's football stadiums.
-Street performers
-Brigett street covered in canvass for people to draw on.
-Huge camping areas in Hyde park.
-All the acts and events going on would be talked about by word of mouth rather than flyers posters etc.

Ideas for the name of our event; The big weekend, Leeds Big day, The day off, City wide, street party leeds, The big day off, etc

I started to produce a guide to where the different areas of music could be allocated. For example a perfect setting for regae music/hip hop/grime etc would be a sunny day in hyde park where people could relax on the grass then stroll down into town to listen to another genre of music.

By keeping the festival/event free it would mean that anybody could attend, this would bring people to the event that usually wouldn't goto a festival due to limitations of money etc. Its more of an opportunity for people rather than a gathering, on this one day anybody can perform in the streets, small time bands, magicians, artists will have the chance to take to the streets and perform infront of hundreds and thousands of people.

Each act would be announced by around 100 people dressed as wheres whalley that would be dotted around the city telling people whats going on throughout the day. The people dressed as wheres whalley would be recognized because of wearing what they are wearing and would be distinctive when merged with a crowd. They would be acting as reps for the event and guiding people to different areas throughout the city.

Idea for music Map

The big bike ride. We intend to turn the outer roads of leeds and the main ringroad around the centre into one huge bikeride track for the people of yorkshire to cycle from one event to another.

Our plan is below.

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