Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Adobe After Effects Tutorial III

Keyframe Interpolation

The pen tool in Adobe After affects works in the same fashion as the same tool in illustrator working with anchor points to create a line of motion. The Convex Vertex pen converts curves into set points.

Using the Keyframe Interpolation window you are given the options editing and changing what happens before and after a Keyframe. When working with motion it converts movement into keyframes.

Before Hold Interpolation

When changing a number of anchor points using the keyframe interpolation window, the hold interpolation when working with motion removes the dots from the motion path. The keyframes in the timeline change shape, to show they have been converted to hold.

Note to self: The number of dots on a line within after effects represent Frames per second, the more dots on a line the longer something with take to move the fewer dots the quicker it will take.

After Hold Interpolation

When working between Illustrator and After effects you can use a shape or path from illustrator copied to a keyframe enabled layer in after effects to create a path of motion. 

To create a solid layer that isn't just a square as in the previous screen shots a mask is used and shapes from illustrator can be copied across to use. Mask Options;

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