Saturday, 10 December 2011

Silent Movie Brief : Studio Workshop Task 2

Produce a series of sheets to communicate 5 possible sequences for each word you have, 5 x 5 sequences.

  1. Use the entire word
  2. Use 3 pens & 1 colour
  3. Set of 25 mini screen Grabs from a video based on Kinetic type. (25 equally spaced screen shots and 25 from significant happenings within the video)

    My 25 screen grabs for the task are on my design context blog please refer to this link;

    For each sheet I produced I took one theme from my previous work and began to develop it across 5 by 5 frames slightly changing the idea with each sequence I produced.

    I wasn't too happy with all my ideas because of them appearing to be quite bland, However I'm not yet a genius on Adobe After Effects yet so getting to grips with the software first would be something to consider before jumping straight in the deep End.

    My favourite word to work with was drop because of how many characteristics It could relate to, the word drop can mean numerous things other than its most obvious. The typeface I chose to use for Collide was Bebas Neue as the characters are strong and sterdy and the colours.

I found annotating my work with notes that were important to me rather than worrying about who was going to read them really helped. When you're not writing for an audience or considering who's going to be looking at it I found I could be much more personal in terms of discussing what was going on within my frames.

 I really enjoyed working with drop shadow and 3d lettering, this transforms the frame from being a flat shape to instead being a containing that you can peer into. I would definetly like my 5 final outcomes to use some sort of 3 dimensional form however I'm not too sure how this would happen when working digitally.

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