Monday, 12 December 2011

Silent Movie: What I've learnt since the Timeline workshop

What Problems did I encounter?

During the sessions I encountered numerous problems, the main one being my consideration for the amount of time I was mapping my sequence to. I found that working with the 4th dimension (time) was alot more difficult than I had previously thought, solely down to the amount of maths involved figuring out how long something with be on screen for, at what point will it appear and how many frames will stretch across.

What Information did I need.

Before starting any motion graphic the first thing needed to begin is a time limit, I've realized that without a real understanding of the amount of time you are working with you can't put a pen to paper. I hadn't weighed up how short 5 seconds of time was to work with until looking at how my frames worked across a timeline.

I needed to know how quickly the effects on objecst would work on screen, for example how fast a piece of type moves left to right across the screen. This could for example be literally any time span between 0-5 seconds ( for the limitations I'm working to), without knowing this its hard to position the key frames on a timeline.

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