Saturday, 24 March 2012

IMAGE // D&AD : Development

So far I've experimented with a few different Ideas for the rain brief, I wanted to use a riddle or limerick to create a piece of type as image. Below are a few of my ideas towards some sort of layout working with the riddle....what goes up when the rain comes down? I used the typeface Avenir bold and experimented using the type as the main visual element.


thought one thing that reminds us of the poor weather in Britain is puddles. This theme I wanted to continue within my design work, I photographed my designs under water, shooting from above with some lights.

To keep the type legible I tried to create as many ripples as I could with the water without distorting the letters so that they hey couldn't be read. I tried to be as subtle as possible but obviously with the nature of a liquid it was rather hard to control.


I was really happy with the results, I think when Edited they could pack more of a punch is the white and black levels were raised.

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