Monday, 26 March 2012

FEDRIGONI : Language for the YCN Boards


For the YCN hand in we want to perfect our boards even further, sticking with a consistent tone of voice and telling the story of our resolution from start to finish. Below are some key outlines of what we want to have on each slide.

Its going to be important to check through at least a week or so in advance. We need to make sure that they are easily readable but still visually interesting.

1: Our intentions/concept/plan to make fedrigoni amazing, bring it back to life, (couple of the birds poking into the frame of the page)

2: Promotion for event, story of fedrigoni, ( comparison to the bird) Creative Review advert, other online promotion mock up.

3. Mailout (envelope shot, tickets + fold out) 3 photograhs, talking about how they would be recieved + linking in with our event.

4. Bird posters + other event material. Talking about how they event would be associated with imaginative colours.

5. Mock ups of event, window shot, and installation shot. Talk about sessions with andy singleton. Paper as a form of media and how its exciting current and shouldn't be lost to the digital age.

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