Sunday, 22 April 2012

IMAGE // Eyechart : Brief & Rational

After receiving the brief we went through a short selection process choosing words at random later to be allocated to someone else in the group giving them a subject to base their brief on. I weirdly ended up with the word that I said which was unfortunate as I picked something that visually is an odd shape to work with. However the word I chose was birdcage.  The eye chart has to be 2 colours and stock and printed on A2 in the same sort of style as the eye charts you would imagine to see in an opticians. All Image NO TYPE!

Considerations and Rational;

BRIEF: What is the problem you intend to solve?

To create an A2 eye chart in the style of an opticians using the birdcage in an illustrative style with a 2 colour palette.

WHO: Who needs to know who is your audience?

People stood viewing the A2 poster from a distance. Arty creative people, birdcages are quite a funky quirky thing to pick up in a charity shop or something so I imagen it could appeal to a wide audience.

WHAT: What do they need to know?

They need to be able to understand the visual information that's in front of them, clarity and line thickness might be a big consideration if I go down the route of illustration. What thickness of line works best from what distance?

WHY: Why do they need to know? (The concept for your problem)

They need to be able to clearly understand the imagery they are viewing.

WHAT: What will they respond to? (How will they connect/understand the outcome?)

They will respond to the recurring features of the birdcage, the bars on the cage and the shape of each door will hopefully be enough to tie all the imagery together as a whole. I think when viewed alone from a distance a birdcage could become confusing as its very intricate. By picking out its key features and exaggerating them across multiple illustrations the birdcage might become more obvious.

WHAT: What research is required?

I will collate lots of imagery of birdcages, in the hope to get a good grasp of their shapes and how they could be represent visually. Looking into Eyecharts would be a good Idea, and other forms of design that are viewed from a distance.

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