Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Briefing And Workshop OUGD203

Today we Received our new briefing for OUGD203, as far as it goes I'm excited for this term as we seem to be properly taking on the role of professional Designers and have the chance to aim high with the YCN briefs.

Today was about assessing our strengths and weaknesses as Designers and start to think about what we have to offer individually to a creative collaboration.

We were given An hour and 45 minutes to go away and come back with 2 A3 boards summarizing the attributes we hold as designers and what we would seek for in a collaborative partner. Mine are as Below;

After doing this we pinned our A3 sheets up and did a couple of tasks identify which poster were we most attracted to by design and content in relation to working collaboratively. Almost like imagining the poster was a person in the class, but without revealing who it is.

I picked the 2 that I thought communicated a person completely opposite to myself in terms of skills so that hopefully If I ended up with them we had a broad ranch of abilities to work with. I'm mainly Image based so someone with a taste for type would be ideal.


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