Friday, 25 May 2012

Product Range Distrbution // Further Logo Devlopment

Below some further developments of the logo for Don't flop, I'm trying to stay consistent with their previous branding having the D and the F inter weaved but I'm not too sure what feel I want the letters to have. These screenshots show some of the visual ideas I've generated, I think the flicks on top of the letters give them a lot of character, with the finer border I think this would be ideal for a clothing range swing tag.

Using the same typeface Nevis Bold I've produced a few more sample below, making minor modifications to the structure of the letters just to try and make the title more visually intriguing to read.

These are some Ideas I began to experiment with just taking a simplistic idea from some doodles, I think the banner works really well purely because its easy to digest on the eyes as it's only made out of three shapes. I want the logo to be crisp and instantly recognizable and I think the simplicity of the banner elaborates this.

A couple of samples without the wings of the banner, I've tried to stick with a clean cut easy to read logo, I think it works with both the added side panels and without.

A mix of Colours, Some a bit to sharp and clashing.

Crest Experiments;

Below is a document I put together with the logo I've finalized, I think overall I'm going to come to a conclusion with the branding and stick with this logo, I've made this decision solely down to it be very universal, I can see it working well across a range of products.

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