Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Product Range Distribution // Concept Boards

After last weeks crit I've gone away and started to pull together more information and ideas towards my concept. I've re-defined my concept and my range. I feel like I haven't made alot of progress since last week as I've mainly been sourcing all the contextual information for my publication and my printed media. Deriving all of my content. From here I can start to pull together all of the information I've collected and start designing.

Printed Deliverables: Publication and mini zine, with housing, that will double up as A2 posters. A5 miniature prints showcasing the most famous faces of Don't Flop

Digital Deliverables: 1 online shop re-brand, 1 youtube re-brand 2 x motion graphics.

Feedback to Consider;

Things to Consider;

Is my range achievable in the time limit given?

Get started on the content for the publication.

Logo and re-brand works well, but needs to be applied to deliverables so It can be seen over a range of products.

Action Plan;
For next weeks final crit.

Have most of my range complete, + refine deliverables one last time so I know exactly what i have to produce. 

How do I want my publication to be viewed? Where will it be bought? Language? Semiotics?

Refine Logo with feedback from crit, experiment with less curly lettering so that the D doesn't get confused for a G.

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