Monday, 14 May 2012

Product Range Distribution // Self Initiated Brief: Lists of 5

In todays session we had to analyse a potential set of lists looking at the problems and outcomes we would Ideally want to work with when picking our own brief. What sort of final outcomes would we ideally like to produce and what sort of subject matter interests us as designers. It really helped me to grasp the understanding that in the real world you get handed a brief and have to turn it around to make it fun, this brief is completely self initiated so really we can produce work we've longed to produce in the past.

5 things I want to make; 
5 reasons why;
5 processes I want to explore
5 things I think I need to do more...

Personal skills I want to develop;

5 Distinct Products;

I found producing this sheet was the most daunting, It really helped us to understand how range works and how a simple idea for a product can turn into a selection of different outcomes. Combining different ideas from each brief, I'm considering producing a publication as my main product with a range of different outcomes to follow alongside, including posters, postcards, pens, pads, mailouts, t-shirts etc. We need to think big! 

Analysing the main problems in each brief then applying them to our own subject matter gave us alot of  open end decisions to make. I found it really hard to come up with the problems without being told exactly what to do by a company or client. So far I've been combining my favourite themes from 2 of the briefs considering producing outcomes that will allow me to work fluently throughout the next few weeks. 

The ISTD brief It happened today deals with the issue that information is open to anyone, this is something which personally interests especially with all the recent restrictions coming into place on the internet as new proposals for SOPA begin. The diesel brief is music orientated which is an area that I feel like as a professional I would enjoy working mainly for the music industry. So far I've been thinking of niche music genre's and ways that they could gain more recognition in our ever growing music industry. 

Developing Our Idea's Further;

The sheets below were produced to define the problems we want to solve, picking out problems with the subject matter we're working with would be the starting point for writing out our briefs for next weeks crits. Without a problem there would be no-where to start.

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