Sunday, 13 February 2011

Collection of 100 developing my front covers

After getting a solid idea for the direction of my project, I started to get ideas for developing the front covers and packaging for my books. I wanted each book to have a continuing theme in rgards to layout and style so i wanted to find a typeface that would work with the titles of the 4 books. As i had chosen to do 2 gibson guitars and 2 fender guitars i started to develop the words "Fender" and "Gibson" for my front covers so that they were visually appealing and linked together well. 

Below are some picture of my sketches developing the words Gibson.


 I really liked the font League Gothic as it was very formal and informative whilst at the same time being easy to read. I wanted to use this font adding some modifications to the lettering to link it into my theme of guitars.

 Below is my final modification to my type. I used two blocked out lines to add more impact to the letterin, the lines are there to represent the strings of the guitar. Even though a regular guitar has 6 strings i found that using 6 lines was over complicating my design. By using just 2 lines and connecting them to certain letters i felt that it gave the type more of a musical link, the letter 'S' now could be associated with a musical bass clef.  I like this design because of its simplicity I would just now need to repeat this process for the fender logo.

Below are some pictures of the development of my Fender Logo.

I followed the same process for my fender logo as i did with the Gibson logo, i used two blocked out lines to add more of an impact to each letter.  I like the way the letters are all still very readable but it feels that they are more connected as a logo rather than just a piece of type.

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