Sunday, 13 February 2011

Collection of 100 Developing my Packing and front covers

After developing my logo ideas i re-applied this format to my front covers i had previously made. I then started to draw up ideas for packaging my books. I want to create a small a5 size book box/sleeve that my books can slot into. 

This is my finished design for the front covers. I think that developing the text so that its more interesting to look at has definetly paid off. I think the Fender and Gibson Logos flow better when you see the series together. Below i have started developing ideas for how i am going to box up my books. 

I want the book box to be of a simple design literally just to encase my product, I feel that the box doesn't necessarily need to be amazing fancy or visual as the content of my books will be what appeals to people. Thinking from an business point of view in terms of getting peoples attention, if it was placed on the shelf of a shop The spines of the book would be visible informing the viewer what they're looking at.

-Box with four books coming out of slot section

-Spines of each book


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