Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Design For Print // Workshop 3

Paragraph Attributes.

When working with copy you can apply the same multiplication/division methods that you would use within excel to divide and multiply the size of a paragraph. In the width section of the paragraph menu, the forward slash followed by the number 2 with simply divide the paragraph by 2.

Hyphenation is something that Indesign often does automatically because without hyphenation unusual text density can happen and rivers of white can be seen merging through a paragraph. The hyphenation options window allows you to tweak and modify the characters before the hyphenation and change the density of you text, whilst still working with hyphenation.

Character styles only apply to single characters, when character formatting the character styles window can be used to change some or whole words. Go into the character Styles window and select new character style and you will be presented with the windows below.

Shortcuts can be used so that the specific style you've created can be used quickly to change a selection of copy.

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