Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Escobar Cantina // Informative Plaques

 In the area we've been allocated to work within Escobar, the old artwork on the walls depicted a mexican map with facts about Mexico around the outsides. I wanted to continue this idea, making me think about admiring small pubs that are covered with things for its customers to look at, the plaques I've designed above are some quirky interesting facts about Mexico that can sit beneath our map for customers to go up and read. I divided the facts I collected into 3 different sections so that the plaques could work as a three but still be easily categorized. I chose to use the display typeface Homestead across all of the pieces we produced for Escobar, and the body copy as Rockwell, I thought these two typefaces complimented each other whilst fully serving their purpose. Below is a few of my typographic experiments playing around with layout, point size, kerning etc.

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