Wednesday, 7 November 2012

The Universes Pupils // Swing Tags

I produced the design above to take to print this week, thinking about how the branding and message of my company could be communicated to the desired audience through labels and tags. The swing tag is one of the most important parts of buying a garment I think, purely because if the tag feels nice when I hold it and uses an interesting mode of print or spot varnish, I usually end up holding onto it or stashing it away to keep.

I looked at Victorian frames and interesting decorative mirrors, purely to come up with a shape that would hang like an old luggage tag. I decided to keep the type on my label all in capitals, Perpetua at 10 pt because I wanted the message to shout out at my audience, almost so the poem could be read aloud as a chant. The size style and price sections were left blank so that they could be hand-written in afterwards, I think its little hand-made device help to communicate trust within a brand.

The message read on the card is a poem I wrote to try and sum up the companies ethics in a few simple lines with a bit of wordplay. I genuinely would want every customer who bought a product to have a nice day, and I think this is a nice line to leave my audience thinking about.

We're all born on this planet neutral. We didn't planet this way. We're all The Universes Pupils and I hope you have a nice day.

When considering what stock to use and what processes to go through I thought about a colour scheme that wasn't too eyecatching and would sit back against a dark coloured t-shirt but when you got up close had alot of detial. I sampled lots of different coloured foils and used the laminator in the library to cheaply spot varnish laser printed type, I found that white foil sat really well ontop of dark navy blue card. I also found that black foil ontop of black card worked really well to create a subtle but eye catching repeat pattern that when caught the light flickered.

I duplexed these two sheets together so that the repeat pattern made up the back of the swingtag, even though there's a few typo's I'm quite happy with my tags overall, The white foil definitely works better than the black I think its just a case of refining them until I'm completely satisfied.

Eventually when sourcing the right materials and having more funding I would have the swings tags attached to garments with hemp yarn and a safety pin but the mock ups below just use white string.

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