Wednesday, 7 November 2012

The Universes Pupils // The Branding

Initial Sketches
Today I've been thinking about some more visuals for the universes pupils, so far I've experimented with branding but still not quite cracked the concept for what I'm trying to communicate.

The drawings below show some of my experimentation with a new idea I've had, writing The Universes Pupils as one whole continuous line, to show the brands views on having a broad audience/target market with no barriers or boarders and that everyone should be united. I thought by lining up all of the letters this would communicate solidity and unity between the letters.
I've practiced with a few different sets of rules, and only using the first word of my brand name (the.) The rules I've applied as seen below are; constructing a continuous word out of straight and 45 degree brackets & constructing a continuous word of curved circular loops and 45 degree brackets.

Digital Render
The results below are the stage I'm at with my digital render on illustrator, I'm happt with my line work and precision within making the word flow as a whole but I think taking this further and applying the same rules to the word 'Universes' or 'Pupils' could prove to be more difficult.

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