Monday, 30 January 2012

IMAGE // Type as Image : To the Moon and back

I wanted to create my final outcome in a different media to that of my last two, this time round I wanted to produce a piece of work that was very clean cut and vector. Using suggestive imagery Incorporated around my type, Below are a few of the ideas I started working through. I found it hard to force the sentence I was working with to be read in the way I wanted it to be read, the word moon would be out of line and misplaced within my arrangement but this makes you're eyes read the moon first so it was just never-ending frustration. 

Below are a few experimentation with halftones and fades within Photoshop, My Image was basically made up of 2 main layers which I wanted to contrast with my use of colour so below sort of visually gives examples of the thought processes I went through. I found the more and more I looked at my image the more and more I started to read it how I wanted it to be read rather than how my viewer would read it. This would definitely be something of consideration before I take it to print.


My final outcome just uses a fade from a dark red to dark green, I wanted to use a selection of murky colours to communicate the dept of space and the solar system, an empty backdrop to represent space.

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