Monday, 16 January 2012

Top Ten Shipwrecks of world war two....5 Concept Boards

For Wednesdays session we had to produce 5 A3 boards outlining the theme of our project, and considering different aspects for the presentation of our research such as target audience and the channel our themed work would be showed on.

Outlines of my concept boards;

Subject: Lost shipwrecks of World War Two


Media: Mixed Media (Digital+Handmade)

Typeface: I wanted to use a typeface that would link in with the period of time I was working with (World War Two), I found a typeface that pre-dates Futura and was made in 1922 called Erbar, this seemed perfect for the theme of my work.

Auidience: 35/55 year olds, interested in the history.

Channel: History Channel.

Time displayed: Mid afternoon/early evening.

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