Monday, 16 January 2012

Top Ten World War 2 Wrecks....

After today's presentations I came to the conclusion That I don't want to solely focus on ships but instead focus on all wrecks of world war 2 including planes, tanks etc, that have mainly crashed at sea or been.

We we're given the task for tomorrow, to re-word our titles and come up with a statement outlining the intentions of our work in relation to the feedback given below;


Good clear Direction

Solid Concept and Ideas are well backed with research

Areas For Improvement

Think in more detail about your target Auidience, and look into other possible television channels your motion graphic could be displayed on.


Advertise Program to Divers.

Push visual considerations in a infographic direction. Create Vector ships etc

Look at more than one typeface and consider how well others could work in addition.

Don't create more work than is possible to achieve. (In relation to it becoming more of an animation rather than 4 moving Idents)

Action Plan

-Think about the Design of the DVD sleeve and Cover

-Define style of illustrations + Practice hand-rendered type

Define/narrow down colour range.

The new statement I'm going ahead with: Top Ten Sea Wrecks of World War 2.

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