Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Design Production Research II (Situations/Subjects)

So far I've found out as many related words and definitions as I can to my two words, below is a list I've derived of possible subjects and situations they could relate to.


Colliding Atoms/Molecules, for example the big bang.

Colliding Personalities.

Car Crashes (crashes in general, train crashes, bike crashes etc)

Rivers collide.

Boarders of Countries collide.

Tectonic Plates, Continetal Plates collide, Oceanic Plates Collide

Clouds collide

Ideas collide in terms of collaboration.

Colours collide

Football teams collide.

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Apparently Collide with an exclamation mark on the end of it holds another sort of meaning, this is according to


Used as a exclamation! when two people have similar ideas, or, share convergent thought patterns.

Gestures - it is often accompanied by a hand gestures. where the persons two hands are clenched and brought together.

Pronunciation - the word collide is said with the emphasis on the -ide. which is typically drawn out. i.e. COL-I...DE! as to sound as though the word collide is spelt with several I's

Origin - within the scientific academic elite of the UK, the word collide developed an alternative meaning to the traditional use within the English language. the word COLLIDE! used at the end/or beginning of a sentence has been incorporated into popular scientific language throughout many universities and associated social circles.
person A: the elements in this rock suggest is is formed from melted mantle contaminated by the crust.
person B: COLLIDE! i was thinking the same thing

person A: i fancy eggs for breakfast
person B: COLLIDE! (its funny you should say that), i just this moment put them on


Tear Drops.

Pear Drop sweets.

At a cliff edge, A sheer Drop.

Rain Drops.

When it comes to the end of September, the temperature drops.

Your blood pressure/heart rate can drop.

Statistics drop.

Chocolate drops

In trampolining: Front drop, back drop, seat drop etc.

On A Friday night when you're a bit too drunk, You've had a drop too much.

A drop in the bucket, a drop in the ocean, when you describe a minimal amount of something.

At the drop of a hat

In Australia drop is used as a slang term to describe the fall of a wicket in cricket, he came in at first drop.

In theatre they use a drop curtain.

When going parachuting or skydiving you drop to the earth. For example to unload troops/equiptment/supplies from a plane, drop.

Prices drop, sales and money.

Drop dead. To be drop dead gorgeous.

In rugby, short for drop kick.

As a nautical term drop astern means to fall to the back of the stern of a boat.

Computing terms: Insert a drop down list, use drop caps.

When you're name dropping in a conversation.

When playing guitar, you can play in DROP D, DROP B, DROP A, etc for a heavier tone.

When using photoshop you can apply a drop shadow.

A few less common uses, mainly slang terms.

The part of a dubstep tune where it gets so incomprehensibly filthy that one cannot fathom - therefore, ones mind explodes.

To take Ecstasy orally. I dropped like 2 pills an hour ago I'm buzzing out of my mind!!!

To shoot or kill somebody.

To knock someone to the ground.

To sell drugs or to a lesser extent, shop merchandise.
"When are you going to drop that hit?"
"I've already dropped 6 ounces of weed today."

The word drop can mean a lowerd car. Low rider.
"I was pimping it in the drop dog. the chevy was droped. Ima flip them hoes digits when im in my candy drop"

To release an album to the public.
the new jay-z dropped last week.

A form of "crack" cocaine that is of an exceptionally higher potency than normal "crack." Being as such, it is also unusually hard, having a concrete-like texture and strength.

The type of boy/girl who has all the wrong qualities of a signficant other; the opposite of a catch
Girl 1: He's short, ugly, has a baby and a girlfriend and keeps trying to hit on me.
Girl 2: omg, he's such a drop!

A place where mob money is stored, a collection point;

To sleep; pass out, go to bed, sleep.

To take a Urine drug test,
David had to drop for work, if he came up posative, he would be fired.

In competitive forensics, to drop means to lose a round, esp. in elimination rounds.

When someone breaks up with someone or kicks em to the curb, Oh I dropped him last week!

When a girl/women squats on dance floor while dancing.
"Drop it like it's hot, Drop Drop like its hot"

To have anything unexpectedly given to someone.
My boss dropped 20 reports on my desk right when I was getting ready to clock out for the weekend.

Slang for a nice convertible, damn he has a hella nice M3 drop

The availability of a product or service to the general public. The term is most often used in relation to the release of a music album, a DVD video release, or hardware or software, but can be used for other products (i.e., concert tickets.)
Windows 7 is slated to drop on October 22nd

To give birth. Francesca was ready to drop her third child.

An order preparatory to doing a repetition of push-ups, usually punitive.
Corporal, drop and give me 50.

Drop is just another name for hydroponically grown, high strained cannabis.
Hey man, you got any of that drop.

An article of clothing that is a dress and a top, usually jersey material.
When I went into H&M there were a lot of drop's,

Noun; in MMORPGs such as world of warcraft, an item that can be looted off a killed monster.
"Are there any good rogue drops in RFK?"
"F'in n00b took all the good drops!"

To create a rythym. Or spit the line of a song. He can drop a wicked rhyme.

To drop. To defecate. 
Used in a phrase to tell someone to go die in a jokingly, but harsh way.
Guy 1: your such a weiner
Guy 2: DROP!

A skull cap or bandana worn in any style. Common to H-Town.
My navy drop's lookin' hot with me new LA hat.
When a girl has a big, shapley butt/ass.
He said I got that drop. All the guys say Beyonce got that drop.

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